Removal of derelict geysers

Replaced your geyser recently? Did the plumber remove the old one? If not, then the likelihood of a full geyser sitting in your roof is a reality!

Full geysers are exceptionally heavy and should not be left in the roof. In the event that the beams are ever compromised (termites, leaks etc.) it may well come crashing down through the ceiling.

We will drain the geyser for you, and then take it out for you. How it is removed depends on its size and casing. We may need to remove a metal plate, cut brandering, or simply open tiles and take it out.

We remove the geysers off site and repurpose them as part of our Skills Development Programme for our staff. They make braais, water troughs, braziers, wash stands etc. from them and sell them to the local community.

Replacement geysers

Once we have removed the derelict geyser, we can replace it with:

  • Solar geyser with electric backup
  • Solar geyser with LPG backup
  • Electric Geyser

Any solar geyser system will heat the water up during the day without having to use any type of backup. Should you however use some of the water late afternoon or in the evening, the solar panel now does not work. Therefor the geyser will need a backup system in order to ensure that there is hot water in the morning.

There are two Solar Geyser options:

  1. Electric backup – when the geyser requires backup it will utilize the electric element in the geyser. This will incur the normal electricity charges from Eskom, utilize the backup generator, or draw significant power from a battery system.
  2. LPG backup – the electric backup system is replaced by a LPG system. It will require the installation of a LPG burner in parallel with the solar water panels, but is much more efficient and economical than electric backup.