Ceiling Vacuuming

Residential Cleaning

Roof and ceiling cleaning. All homes have a roof cavity of some sort. These spaces are long-forgotten and mostly neglected. The roof space collects dust and dirt from unwanted residents. After many years this can become a serious health hazard as this all disintegrates into dust, and finds its’ way into the house through light fittings, cracks and bishop strips in the ceiling.

The impact is even worse when there are rat, bird and bat droppings as these turn to dust after a while and then also filter down into the house. This dust is then inhaled and may lead to respiratory problems.

Our ceiling cleans also include removal of insulation – both cellulose and blanket. These are discussed further on. We frequently find contractor rubbish in the roof cavity – plastic and discarded cables. Plumbers seldom remove old geysers – we do!

We vacuum out the ceiling and roof space using industrial strength vacuum cleaners, fitted with high grade HEPA filters to trap the dust in the filter bag and not allow it to dissipate back into the roof cavity.

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Corporate Cleaning

Every heard of “sick building syndrome”? Not only is it because of clogged air conditioning units – it includes dirty ceilings. Like households, these cavities also collect dust, droppings, leaves, twigs etc. Due to the nature of how corporate offices ceiling are constructed – usually with suspended ceilings, these flex even more than traditional ceilings and let far more dust and debris to filter down into the office space.

We get into these areas and vacuum it all up. Depending on the suspended ceiling structure, we will either do this in the roof, or from below standing on ladders. We even take out old insulation and put in new insulation if required.

We are fully aware that a clean such as this will interrupt the normal work hours, so we do all this kind of work after hours and on weekends. We will schedule this work to minimise the impact on the working environment. You name the time and place and we will make it happen.

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Industrial Clean(s)

Another area of specialised cleaning is in the industrial sector. Many factories are required to maintain certain hygiene levels, which may include dust control. We will vacuum beams before wiping them down.

We can also seal up factories, warehouses and large buildings to prevent bird and animal access. This is especially applicable to buildings in the food manufacturing and medical industries.

Our teams are OHS compliant and we can provide Safety Files if required. We will ensure the safety of our teams at all times by providing life lines, harnesses and all other PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) requirements.

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Flat Roofs

Liking what you see, but know someone or have a flat roof? Depending on the construction, we can access the roof space for you and clean up. An on-site visit is always required with flat roofs.

We simply open up the roof for you by drilling out the old fasteners. We lift the plates and number them so that they go back in order. We then clean, or removing/replacing insulation and when complete, we the replace the plates. They are re-secured with new fasteners. We will either use butyl tape between the plates or membrane to seal the joins so that the roof is snug and waterproof. An average sized house can have its roof removed, cleaned and replaced in one day!

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Sanitising Spray

As part of the cleaning process we like to apply a sanitising spray to ensure that the areas cleaned have been sanitised to kill off any bacteria and mould causing spores.

The solution we use is an atomised chlorine based mist solution which we spray in the roof. It attaches itself to any bacteria, thus neutralising it. Firstly in the air and then on the ceiling boards once it settles. It also works wonders in removing smells left by dust, droppings, urine etc. It is very good to “unmark” bat, rat and bird territories, so that they are inclined to look for another place to nest. This solution is 100% safe and you do not need to vacate the house when we administer it for you.

Over and above a roof application, the solution can be used to sanitise soft furnishings such as curtains, chairs, carpets, rugs etc. Full MSDS can be provided if there are concerns around the formulation and the safety aspects of its usage.

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Removal of old insulation

There are several types of insulation found in roofs. Blanket, Cellulose, Polystyrene, Radensheild etc. Each has its own requirements in upkeep, but after a while they no longer have any insulation property. That is when we step in. We remove all types of insulation from roof spaces. The older insulations were traditionally made from fiberglass and can be dangerous if they deteriorate to the extent that they become small fibres.

We assess prior to starting the work, which insulation we are dealing with and how much there is. A suitable skip is then ordered to site and we dispose of the removed insulation into the skip. The skip is then removed and the insulation taken away for correct disposal in a hazardous dump. The removal of the insulation is usually followed by a cleaning service.

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High Level Specialised Clean(s)


Factories may at times require interior or exterior cleaning in hard to reach places. Again we can access these areas via ladders, scaffolding or the use of cherry pickers.

Yet again, safety of our staff is paramount and life lines and harnesses are always work on specialised jobs. These high level cleans may include, power washing, wiping down and clearing gutters, vacuuming shop facades – the list is endless.

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Cleaning of Vaulted Rafters and Thatch Interiors

Lie in bed and see dust coated beams and rafters? No problem – Roof Rats will get in and clean up for you. Not only can we dust down the rafters and beams for you, but we also vacuum them or wipe them down with a damp cloth. Depending which application we use, we will even sanitise these for you by including the sanitising solution in the water to wipe down, or mist spray the rafters for you to ensure that they are really clean.

In addition to beams and rafters, thatch tends to get really dusty and harbours spiders and little mites. We get up there and vacuum your thatch on the inside – yes, we vacuum it! The industrial vacuums will gently pull all the dust, webs, spiders and mites out of the thatch so that the thatch looks clean and new again.

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