You Need Gutter Guards!

Gutter Guards prevent overflowing, and ensure that your gutters stay free and clear of debris. This allows rain water to flow freely to your down pipes and drains. Rainwater blockages and incorrect water flow can cause costly damage to your roof and house structure. Problems encountered will include:

  • Back flow and overflow onto ceiling boards – damages ceiling boards in the home and office.
  • Back flow and overflow onto ceiling boards – damages insulation and causes electrical issues and short-circuits.
  • Water damage to Fascias and Soffits.
  • Overflow into the roof space causes the rotting of brandering and roof beams.
  • Stagnant water caught in gutters causes rust issues.
  • Seepage under tiles into the wall cavity causes damp issues. This will result in severe damage to brickwork and wall plaster.


Aluminium sheets inserted into the top of the gutter and then clipped in place. These can be cut to any size to ensure a snug fit. This product comes with a 15 year guarantee as it is manufactured from aluminium.

In addition the one shown below, there are sturdier versions which can be manufactured to client specifications.

Gutter Brushes

These Bristle Brushes are made from either Stainless Steel Wire or UV Protected Plastic. Great to use for internal gutters, down pipes and roof valleys where the valley runs into the gutter to prevent clogging at these vulnerable points.

These brushes also provide a good deterrent for nesting birds, and can be used to prevent rats from climbing up the inside of pipes. Comes in standard lengths that can be cut into required sizes. It can also be bent to any angle to fit around corners.

Foam Gutter Guard

UV protected foam that is inserted into the gutter. It rests within the gutter curve. It is not suited to square gutters. The foam slides into the gutter and allows water to seep through to the open drainage cavity below.

Can be cut to size and manufactured in client specific widths.